Monday, November 5, 2012


As many of you know Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, i love to dress up and dress my kids up. This year we had such a great Halloween seeing everyone in there costumes. Zoey was Cinderella but she didn't want the original blue dress it had to be pink (imagine that) and she was not happy in this picture, i said "smile Zoey she said i don't want to lol"

Slade wanted to be a COP and he was so excited he wanted to wear his costume EVERYWHERE!
Zaydee was a bumblebee and when you asked her what does a bumblebee say she would reply BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
My 3 Kiddos!!
I decided I wanted to dress up with the kids this year and dress up i was Cyndi Lauper, it was SO much fun!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School

It is that time of year again for the kids to be heading back to school, this year Zoey is starting Kindergarten and Slade is going 3 days a week to Preschool.

Zoey was so excited to start Kindergarten she was kindof nervous when i first took her and then once we got there mom's worst fear happened she said "mom you can go now im fine." Made me realize how big she is getting and how much she isn't as dependent upon me anymore. Zoey's teacher is Mrs. Perez we are so excited for her to have Mrs. Perez she is such a good teacher and Zoey just adores her.

Slade is going to preschool 3 days a week this year he couldnt wait to go back to preschool, it is helping so much with his speech i cant believe the difference he as made since last year! We are truly blessed to have these kinds of programs so close to us. This year he has Miss Lisa and Miss Fran he was so excited to go to the 4 year old class!

I honestly cant believe that my kids are old enough to even be going to school i cant believe how fast time is flying by!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Mack Family

This family just recently lost their mother and newborn baby and are in need of some prayers.
I am a huge believer in the power of prayer, I cannot imagine what this family has to be going through right now. May God be with you Mack family in this time of trouble and sorrow at the loss of your sweet Wendy and Maylee.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

more pictures of Zaydee

I am honestly so blessed Zaydee is such a good baby, she hardly ever cries unless she is WAY hungry or has some gas even then its not really a cry more like a squeak. The kids are loving having her around, Zoey cant stop holding her and slade LOVES to be the "helper" and throw away diapers or get momma anything else she needs.
Here are a few pictures my mom and I took the other day

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2 days!!

Can you believe that we only have 2 days until we get to meet our beautiful princess!!
I still can't believe how fast time has flown and now it is time to have her. Zoey is so excited everyday when she wakes up she says "guess what momma only ___ many days!" Slade on the other hand will get excited but I'm not sure he quite knows what he is in for :)
I was talking with Zoey the other day about how they cut me open to get the baby out and she asked if it will hurt i assured her no they give mommy some good medicine so i cant feel it. Then we went on to talk about why she cant come into the OB rooms being RSV season and all which she totally understood, but i did tell her I would be able to come out and see her in the waiting area but I might get a little sad since I will have missed her so much she replied "oh mom don't be such a sissy!" She is so funny with some of the stuff she comes up with!

On to the pregnancy I honestly cant complain one single bit except on Monday I came down with a cold I know i know great timing right! I have been on an antibiotic since Thursday so I'm not sure if the cold is from some other infection stuff i had going on or what but I'm about ready to kick this cold in the BUTT!
I have been stressing like crazy to try and get everything in order with being the primary president I stressed about having all of that taken care of but luckily I have AMAZING counselors that have stepped up and are taking on duties that aren't theres! I am so grateful for them and the inspiration that they are to me. When I was called to be the President of our primary my reply was "Me really? I think you have the wrong person!" I had the hardest time accepting the fact that I was called to this calling for a reason and that I was SUPPOSE to be there. I had huge shoes to feel with the last president and at times I still feel that I am not adequate enough for the calling. But I do LOVE being there and the kids are so amazing I am amazed every time I leave what testimonies these children have. I think this may be why I am there seeing these kids and the faith they already have is such an inspiration to me and is probably the reason I am there. My testimony has already grown so much in the short time that I have been in the primary and I know that is one of the reasons I was called to this calling is for my testimony to be strengthened.
Wow onto a lighter note LOL I for some reason decided that I needed a patio poured this week so I have had a couple guys here doing that which now is finished and looks AMAZING!
I think the stressing part is pretty much over and now comes on the nervousness I know i know this is my 3rd c-section why am I nervous? With everything that happened with Slades delivery and me being able to feel them cutting and having to be put out has me terrified. I talked to my dr about it and he promised he would not cut until he was 100% sure I was completely numb, but I still have those uncertain feelings in the back of my mind. I know I will be in great hands with my doctor and I am lucky enough that my sister in law who is a nurse in the OB will be able to be there so that reassures me somewhat. But either way she will here in 2 days :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I knew the time would come when we eventually would have to get Zoey's tonsils out but I honestly didn't think it would come upon us so fast and at NOT so great timing. With me only having 3.5 weeks left until our littlest princess arrives to say the least I am STRESSED!
This all started about 2 weeks ago when my mom realized that Zoeys tonsils were enlarged, I didn't think much of it since she had been sick so I figured they would just go down with time. Well fast forward to 2 nights ago she had progressively gotten worse. She had this horrible cough mostly at bedtime as well as ear and the body aches. So Monday night I had put Zoey to bed and she just kept cough cough coughing to the point she almost couldn't catch her breath. So we decided to take to the Emergency Room. Her oxygen was really low so they put her on oxygen for awhile. The Dr came in and started to do his assessing and looked in Zoey's mouth and said "WOW her tonsils are completely touching" so he suggested we go to Dr Catten.
So yesterday I called and made Zoey an appt to see Dr. Catten in the afternoon. in the meantime Zoey went down for her nap and luckily I was laying next to her, all of a sudden she starts gasping for air so I sit her up and prop pillows behind her scared me to DEATH. But Dr Catten believes this happened because her tonsils are so enlarged that they block her airway (GOOD TO KNOW!!) So thankfully we got into Dr. Catten yesterday afternoon and he scheduled her surgery to get her tonsils and adenoids out for the morning.
I'm just hoping she has a recovery like Slades, which I know is very unlikely because honestly he didn't even act like anything had happened to him. He was eating cheeseburgers that night after surgery. They initially wanted to keep him overnight but after he broke his IV bag and the IV holder, they pretty much kicked us out of the hospital :)
Zoey is so tender hearted I think she is going to well with it though.
Good Luck to my Big princess tomorrow Mom and Dad <3 you!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

33 weeks

Can you believe that i am 33 weeks? I sure can't it seems like just yesterday we were announcing the news that we were expecting!
We have 6 weeks left, I go on Thursday to my dr appt and we will schedule the c-section then. I'm actually kind of nervous for those of you who know we kindof encountered some problems with Slades delivery. When Dr. B went to do my c-section I could feel him cutting and then they tried everything to keep from putting me out but when I started moving my legs up and screaming from the horrible pain I was in. Dr B made the best decision for me and had the anesthesiologist put me out. I am a little nervous that this will happen again even though I know it probably wont and I am just stressing over nothing but it still is in the back of my mind.
Our little girl is growing so much and she LOVES to kick my right ribs while I'm laying in bed at night Brigham will wait for her to kick and will grab her little foot its so CRAZY!! she is definitely more active at night (i hope this isn't a sign LOL)
Zoey asks everyday if today is the day her little sister come. She is so ready for her little sister to get here as am I!
We still don't have a set name for our little girl which is very different for us since our others were pretty much picked out. We have a list of names that we like so hopefully from that list we will be able to name her..
I hate to say this but this pregnancy has pretty much been a breeze compared to Zoeys. But i am starting to get to that uncomfortable stage where at night i cant get comfortable, I have heartburn SO bad no matter what i eat, my back KILLS, my feet and legs are starting to swell, and I am getting to that exhausted stage. But i really cant complain because up to this point I really haven't had any problems.
So here is looking forward to the next 6 weeks YAHOO!

Monday, January 17, 2011

30 weeks

I keep singing "its the final countdown to Brigham, only 8 weeks left!! since I have c-sections we schedule them 2 weeks before my initial due date.. SO we are Getting SO close!
Her room is pretty much done and clothes put away. Her bag is all packed and ready to go wish I could say the same for myself but im sure it wont be all done until the night before we go in yup thats how i roll LOL
I still have alot to do before she gets here, I want to have mY house completly spotless, deep cleaned and organized so I dont have to worry about it when I come home.
Some fun facts about my pregnancy
*I get heartburn SO bad
*its starting to get hard to sleep
*Still dont have a name picked out
*Zoey asks EVERYDAY if today is the day that her little sister will come
*I CRAVE hot chocolate and peanut butter M&M's
*I think shes going to be a soccer player that girl can kick!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I used to be so good at this blogging thing and updated faithfully well now i have become one of those "slackers"
Alot has gone on since our last post between finding out we're having another baby girl to Thanksgiving and then on to Brigham scare.
So Im just going to touch base on some of them..
Yes you heard me right we are expecting another little Diva to our family. Zoey couldn't be more excited, she keeps asking how her baby sister is doing and if its time to go to the hospital yet. She is such a good big sister already to Slade I know she is going to do great with out little girl. Slade still isn't to sure on the idea he knows there's a baby in my belly but I'm not sure he comprehends the whole idea of it. But we are pretty excited to be adding another addition to our family.

Halloween was alot of fun this year Slade was a skunk, Zoey was a fairy and Brigham was a cowboy.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun we got to spend it with my Dads side of the family up to my aunt Jan's house. It was good to just relax and just talk with my cousins we don't do this often enough!

On to Brigham's scare when he got hired on for Anadarko they had to run some blood work just to make sure everything is okay and do the whole physical thing. Well his blood work came back abnormal so they suggested he see a dr right away. So we made an appt with our physician and had the blood work redone. Well come to find out Brigham's arteries that lead to his heart which consist of 3 layers in the arteries are starting to wrinkle up there is this big huge long name for it which i can never remember. So basically if he doesn't take his prescription medication which the dr provided the artery will become completely blocked and he will either have a stroke or heart attack. Luckily we caught it in time that he still can go on the medication and prevent it from happening he just has to take this medication for the rest of his life. So there's our little spill We all are doing great otherwise though. And hopefully i will become more faithful in updating my blog!!